Meet Our Team

Isaac Manoff - CEO
Isaac is a civil litigator and entrepreneur based in Santa Monica, California. His focus areas include civil rights, employment law, legal technology, and public health. He devised the idea for SmartDepo after writing dozens of deposition summaries during his legal training. Isaac hopes SmartDepo will allow litigators to focus on substantive and strategic tasks instead of tedious citations, document review, and summary projects.
Ely Cohn - CCO
Ely has 14 years of experience in Enterprise SaaS, with emphasis on helping young companies through their earliest stages of growth. Over the years, Ely has held various roles as an individual contributor and company leader, focusing on commercial efforts. Outside of work, Ely enjoys life in Austin, Texas, and a good glass of wine. Ely holds both a B.A. and M.B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin.


We partner with high volume court reporters and litigation process outsourcing firms to provide bulk discounted services. Our partnerships allow us to scale quickly and provide deposition summarization at affordable rates.

If you are a court reporter agency or litigation services firm interested in discussing a strategic partnership, please contact us. We highly value our partners and strive to make the relationship extremely beneficial for both sides.

Let's connect to explore how we can work together to better serve the legal community. We look forward to building lasting, win-win partnerships.

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Our Vision

We imagine a world where AI helps ensure our legal system is affordable, efficient and just.

We're thrilled to announce our first product, AI deposition summaries. Managing massive amounts of deposition testimony is a huge pain point. That's why we started SmartDepo - to help lawyers supercharge their law and motion practice with testimony management.

Our solution to a difficult engineering problem resulted in a 16-step patent-pending AI technology that can summarize depositions within hours not days, generating dynamic page-line citations, hyperlinked tables of contents, and pulling out key admissions. This allows you to quickly find the most important information in testimony.

Our tech handles the busywork so you can focus on winning cases. At SmartDepo, we've walked in your shoes. We want to help lawyers win more cases with a lot less headache.

And we're just getting started. We hope you join us on this journey.

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