Quality Standards and Guarantees

Summarization may be easy, but the standards for reliability, accuracy, precision, and quality required by legal professionals are challenging to meet and maintain. SmartDepo built a patent-pending system that enables the highest degree of continued quality, particularly in seven key areas:

100% Accurate, Precise, and Hyperlinked Page/Line Citations (Patent-Pending)

SmartDepo links our page/line citations directly to the original testimony because we are uniquely able to guarantee their accuracy. We developed a proprietary patent-pending mechanical (non-AI powered) model, enabling us to make this claim.

The system also allows precise topic detection, ensuring citation ranges are accurate, precise (not too narrow or too broad), and contextually relevant. Our citations always start with a question, providing sufficient context to understand the cited passage.

100% Accurate Deponent Name and Gender Pronouns

SmartDepo uniquely introduces a “human-in-the-loop” to ensure the correct deponent name and pronouns. When a person's name is gender-ambiguous, the pronoun may populate incorrectly. SmartDepo’s name/gender override function makes these situations an easy fix. We will promptly update the summary with the correct pronouns and redeploy the revised version.

100% Accurate Parsing and Text Extraction

SmartDepo has strict file compatibility requirements (PDF or TXT (ASCII) transcripts, full- length only, and no scanned transcripts), which enables us to guarantee accurate text extraction and parsing. Occasionally, the system may unintentionally include timestamps and/or headers/footers from the transcript in the dialogue. Fortunately, these are easy fixes; in these rare cases, we will happily re-run any transcript free of charge.

Misinterpretations (Infrequent)

SmartDepo has developed methods to reduce exposure for contextual inaccuracies, but the AI may occasionally misinterpret the dialogue, particularly if the underlying testimony is ambiguous. In such cases, the hyperlinked citations enable easy verification against the source dialogue, and the summary can be easily edited in the provided Word Document. We happily work with clients to correct the summary if significant misinterpretations occur.

Hallucinations (Rare)

Hallucinations, or the generation of content not grounded in the original transcript, are rare in our AI-generated deposition summaries. This is due to several factors:

  • Our use of state-of-the-art LLMs trained specifically for summarization tasks reduces the likelihood of hallucinations, as these models are designed to stay faithful to the input text.
  • Our proprietary method for contextual segmentation provides the AI with more focused input, further reducing the chances of hallucinations.
  • Our human-in-the-loop process allows for quality control checks to identify and correct any potential hallucinations before delivering the final summary to our clients.

In the rare instances where hallucinations do occur, they are generally easy to spot as they often appear as awkward language that is disconnected from the overall context of the deposition. Interestingly, if multiple hallucinations occur within a summary, they tend to be similar in nature. If significant hallucinations are detected, we will promptly re-run the summary generation process free of charge to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the final product.